Monday, April 15, 2013

Creativity: Wonder Woman of the Written Word

By: Kathryn Loch

Post 6 in series Good Story and the Lie

The nature of Good Story is to encourage creativity so we can mold it anew. He presents ideas no other can see. Miss Piggy is going to be terribly jealous, but when Good Story and Creativity dance at the ball, the writer sees possibilities where none existed before. Creativity is a powerful tool and she helps not only artists but every day people in their every day jobs. Creativity helps us spot that little tweak that would make the spreadsheet so much more easier to use. 

Creativity inspires art, solves problems, puts men on the moon, develops the internet and digital books. Creativity gives us the answers and when we don’t know the questions, Creativity inspires us to develop them. Creativity is practical yet also entertaining. Story tellers, writers, anyone involved in art would be lost without her, but so would scientists, and inventors, corporate America as we work our 9-5 jobs and solve every day problems.

Creativity can be harder to identify when she's disguised as a female version of the mild-mannered alter ego. People don’t recognize her, they have no idea she’s there. She’s a timid little mouse with glasses, who has no clue of color coordination, and is singlehandely trying to bring frumpy into style. She comes across as far too intelligent for her own good, and perhaps eccentric. Probably best to leave her alone. Remember that other classic story...Carrie...yeah that was the name. Don't invite her to any proms and we're good...right?

Then the call goes out. It's an emergency! We need Creativity now!

Creativity does not hesitate to answer. She dons her Wonder Woman costume (not the copyrighted one - the Writing one). She’s beautiful, she’s is here to save the day!

When Creativity goes super hero and forges a new path for Good Story, she’s everything a hero like Good Story needs to succeed brilliantly. She’s beautiful, she’s gorgeous, and intelligent.

But she's also uppity, and can driving writer’s insane!

Creativity is powerful, and she knows this. She is subtle and sometimes takes Wonder Woman's invisible jet. She had stealth technology long before she nudged the miltiary engineer to think of it. The problem is, the writer can’t find her when she's needed. Did she take off on that romantic getaway with Good Story? Did they both leave the writer in the lurch?

You cry to the heavens. How can they do this to me?

Abandoned, alone, your work stalls without them. Nothing helps, where are they? Please comeback!

Research and Knowledge step to the fore. And you blink in surprise. They are your guard dogs, they are the gatekeepers to your story. They are Gandalf, pit bulls, police dogs, and threshold guardians (and my friend who can scare the crap out of anyone just by scowling at them) all rolled into one. Nothing gets in without their say-so. If it’s not accurate, it shall not pass. If it is not good craft, it SHALL NOT PASS!

These two are blood hounds as well. Research and Knowledge, especially when you point him  in the right direction. Oh wait! We can't forget the puppy known as craft who keeps wandering around with his puppy curiosity and puppy exploration. Research and Knowledge are faithful. They’ll help guide you back to a place you know, where you’re comfortable. You stop spinning your wheels.

Okay, so Creativity took off with Good Story to have a little nookie – it’s all in fun, they’ll be back. And if you need them to return faster, do what any good mother does with a kid that doesn’t want to be caught. Ignore them.

Turn your back on kids (and pets too many times) can’t stand that they are no longer the center of attention. Focus your attention elsewhere and the next thing you know, Creativity and Good Story are back, giggling and they've got that slap and tickle routine which irritates the crap out of you (roll your eyes, tell them to behave, and grab ‘em while they’re in arms reach. Maybe that little slap and tickle will help improve the romance aspect of your romance novel. If they’re going to have fun, they might as well be helpful about it. The hero and  heroine could use a little inspiration here.

Research, especially for historical novels, always  helps when Creativity disappears for a romp without your permission. Hell she doesn’t even stop to ask. When the errant couple sneaks back, they’re both usually quite pleased with themselves.

The guard dogs are the most steadfast of your writing allies, yet like many good dogs who stay quiet, as they have been taught, they get ignored and forgotten. Not intentionally. They’re good dogs and they do their job. Throw them a bone now and then and give them a pat on the head. They’ll help you out when your most temperamental stars decide they want to play rather than work.

Good Story comes back he’s ego has been stroked and he might be less cooperative. He is over confident because he understands will always be relevant. All it takes is a little love…and maybe some nookie from Creativity to see what he can really do.

His only limitation is your imagination! Boy, isn’t he great for making you feel wonderful! The over-confident, egotistical, bastard. He is limitless and he seems to delight in reminding you repeatedly that his mortal bonds are because of you.

Well, if he gets too bad with the attitude, straighten him out. Mortal bonds define our audience. Without that we cannot relate with them. Usually he will climb down from his high horse and put both feet on the ground. If the reader cannot relate to the characters of the story, see in them something they can identify with, then all we have left is Miss Piggy…

Oh no...seriously!

Watch out everybody!

To be continued Stay Tuned!

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