Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Inspiration and Support

By Kathryn Loch

Today is my mom’s birthday (Happy birthday, Mom!), because of that and because Mother’s Day was this month, I’d thought I’d make a quick mention of family and support. I’ve been very fortunate in that my family has always supported my writing. My mom is a retired nurse, so you know who I went to for medical information. In fact, one of my novels, A Time to Live would not have been completed without her help as the heroine battles with cancer. My dad too has been a great help. He’s retired law enforcement and one of the reasons why the heroine in Sworn to Protect can outdrive just about anyone in a car chase.

Not every writer is as fortunate to have their family in their corner. Sometimes others don’t understand the drive to write. I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and my parents did caution me to work toward a career that would “pay the bills”. I did that but now that I’ve been (and I say this cautiously) successful as an indie author, they have been ecstatic.

Years ago, I received some great advice from an editor at a conference I attended, and it’s been quite helpful, so I’d thought I’d pass it along.

  • Let your friends and family know, you depend on them to be your cheerleading section. 

In an industry where you submit work, get it torn apart by editors, agents, and critique groups, as well as suffer rejection, having your family in your corner always helps. Talk to them, tell them you understand full well that writing may not pay the bills, but you’re not walking into this blind. Also understand that they probably know very little about the industry, so having them encourage you is going to be their job, even when you get a rejection that lays you low.

  • Let friends and family know when you do publish, you’ll need them to help get the ball rolling by buying your book. 
So many tell me that friends and family want free copies. They are the first ones who should be purchasing your work. So if you let them know before that work gets published, the ground rules have been laid and you won’t be shelling out freebies.

  • Tap their knowledge. Like my mom being a nurse and my dad being a cop, friends and family may have professions or hobbies they’re experts at – don’t be afraid to go to them for help. 
Involving them in your work also helps with their understanding of your talent and desire to write. 

So hopefully you can start working on getting friends and family to back you up, especially since times are changing and the independent author is making such an impact on the industry.

Happy writing!

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  1. Good advice! I'm also very lucky that my family is very supportive.


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