Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Coming of a Writer... by Susan B. Anna

For as long as I can remember I have loved books, writing poetry and always knew I would be drawn to writing a novel or two at some point.  In the interim I continued to write poetry, and then layer articles and short stories which I have published online with Triond and Helium and later HubPages.  Through these online publishers I have developed, learned and then became certain that I wanted to be a published author and it was finally time.

I received wonderful comments on my stories and then soon after began writing reviews for Satin Sheet Romance where I met a wonderful group of new writers willing to combine their talents and built each other up in the process.  Through these amazing new friends I was able to read and review books that not only dragged me in, swept me away but also made me realize why I wanted so much to be a writer.

The following link is to one of my high commented articles.  It was written because of a friend who inspired me to do so as he was the victim or tormented boyfriend the story was based on, Addicted to Sex.  The feedback provided when I wrote this as well as meeting the SSR team helped me step out of the shadow and finally follow through with becoming an author.

Below is a description to the first and recent series I am working on, "Modern Day Love." This will be my first erotic romance and so far I am very surprised with how well it is coming along.

~Susan B. Anna

"Modern Day Love" 

After being divorced and single for four years Kristen Vasquez decides to move on and begin dating again.  As a single mother she now has to start all over again and accept the dating scene for what its become, a sex pool of casual one night stands, something she is just not used to nor wants but once she meets Matthew Lewis she quickly reconsiders her thoughts and follows her needs.

However, there is something she wasn't expecting.  Something that will completely take her out of her comfort zone and turn her love life into a spiral of desire she never knew about.  Matthew comes with strings and a set of rules that should make her run but somehow opens a door she is in doubt will ever close.  His lifestyle although scary, thrills and excites her and she can't seem to get enough of him.  Can his rules and needs bring them closer together or forever tare them apart?  


  1. Fabulous Post, Susan! Your books sounds positively delish!


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