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The Last Month before my First Release Together in Cyn

June 12th, 2013
            The release day of Together in Cyn. Book One in the Members Only series from Ellora’s Cave.
            My first release day.
            The first day readers will be able to read something that I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into.
Together in Cyn Available at Ellora's Cave on June 12th

            It’s scary, and exciting…it’s life changing.
            Have you ever heard the phrase – the easy part is writing the book?
            That is SO true!
            I thought I was prepared for this thing called publishing. I wanted it no doubt. Am pretty obsessed with making this dream come true, but there is so much to wrap your head around that I didn’t have a clue about.
            My brain has been besieged with promo, blogging, interviews, blog tours, reviews. Not to mention all of the social media that goes into it as well. This makes a full time job, on top of a full time job, on top of yet another full time job because I still work full time as well as write.
            Then there’s the timing on…everything. Which I totally messed up my blog tour and Goddess Fish was amazingly wonderful about helping me move it. Life gets in the way sometimes right?
            I swear I have spreadsheets for my spreadsheets. (This does it for me actually. I LOVE spreadsheets. :) )
            I’ve been writing since 2008. Actively pursuing this thing called publishing since 2011 or so. In Oct of 2012 I got “the call” which came in the form of an email. :)
            I was offered a contract on Together in Cyn, which at that point was titled Dear Cyn. Six months have passed.
            Feels like a lifetime.
            I now have a Literary Agent out of New York, and contracts on nine more books in this series. I’ve fully written three books in this series, have the first one in another series to my agent to get finagled prior to submitting. I’ve edited one and a half books, have changed from a pantser to a plotter, and still manage to get a few hours of precious sleep each night.
            I love this business.
            And my hat is off to all of the erotic authors that have come before me.
            Forging their way ahead in a critical society that looks down there nose at books with…god forbid…sex in them!!
            Boy I hope they don’t get a hold of mine.
            They’ll be catatonic by the end of it, or maybe they’ll learn a few things. I can only hope. :)
            So raise a glass with me to my last few days as an unpublished author.
            I’m a glass half full kind of girl, and my cup runneth over!!


Members Only, Book One

She knows it’s wrong. Cyn shouldn’t have feelings for fraternal twins Jared and Chris, her best friends. She shouldn’t want them to tie her up or strap her down, to take her one at a time—or together. The only way to control her taboo desires is to write them down and lock them away in her diary. Guys like Jared and Chris could never be interested in someone like her, or in the kind of sex she craves.

But Jared and Chris have read her diary, and sweet little Cyn is in for the shock of her life. The brothers not only own a members-only BDSM club, they want her. Need her. And now, with their unlimited funds and an entire establishment devoted to fulfilling her darkest pleasures, they’re going to claim Cyn for their own.

Inside Scoop: If you have a kink, this book probably has it too. If you like your ménage romances extra hot with a side of male-male romance, spanking, voyeurism and girl-on-girl action, come and get it.

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Unedited Excerpt
            “So, Cyn, why aren’t you fucking anybody?”
            I sucked a mouthful of beer down the wrong pipe, sputtered and coughed my way through it, and nearly knocked over the glass bottle as I got it under control. The beer anyways. After wheezing through another breath I moved my drink farther away. “Where in the hell did that come from?”
            Jared Kennedy, one of my best friends, glanced at my fingers as I worried a heart charm at the bottom of a silver chain. A knowing smirk tilted his lips when he looked back up. “Oh, come on. Nobody creaming your Twinkie at the moment or do you not like sex in general? We want to know. So don’t be shy, just spit it out.”
            The other half of the we he referred to was his fraternal twin Chris, who stood watching us across an empty dance floor and behind their bar thirty feet away. Still anxiously working the pendant back and forth, I turned once more to Jared.
            He leaned back in his chair, arms crossed over his broad chest and an expectant smile pulling at his full lips. The brothers had always done that. Known just the right face to make so I would answer anything. They acted broody or impatient, and I ’d give anything to make them happy. Pathetic—my middle name when it comes to these two.
            “I like it, J. As much as anybody does, I guess. Whether I like it as much as you and Chris, I don’t know. Your appetites have always run on the high side according to the gossipmongers around town.” I squirmed in my seat. I admit it. One of my best friends was asking me if I liked sex and all I could think was…meh. My sex life…well, visualize the Titanic sinking and you get the gist. Most guys don’t appreciate being called another guy’s name—or two guys’ names—when you’re getting off. It’s a real deal breaker apparently.
            “Uh huh. It’s Saturday night, and you’re here, just like last night. Guys hit on you but you turn them down flat. You work at the gym all day and help out here anytime we ask. Love our time together on the weekends, just you and me, and I know you’ve been helping Chris during the week too. CJ’s has gotten damn busy, and we dig the help, but you’ve been restless lately and we’ve both noticed. What gives?”

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  1. So excited for you and the huge step you taken. It is hard and social media can eat you for lunch, spit you out, and eat you for dinner as well. Working full-time and trying to write and promote is tough and most people (unless they are doing it too) just don't get it. Keep it up. It will be worth it in the end.

  2. Great post!!! Ellora's Cave....Wow!!! Good for you!!!

  3. Thanks Krystal and Angela! You guys rock!!
    Doing it all...
    Keeping up with everything...
    Oh and you know sleep's good too!

    Plus I had another book due yesterday - CHECK!!

    People make time for what's important and this is so crazy awesome! I'll sleep when I'm dead - ya feel me? :)


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