Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finding time to finish the damn book...

Got a question for you today....or maybe just a comment about being a writer.

As most know, I have only published the one book, The Couple.  It released on December 26, 2012 and for all purposes, it wasn't a best seller.  Well it was to me because some people actually bought it but no it didn't make the NYT best seller lists or even rank in the 5's on Amazon.  I think the highest it ever got was maybe #112,XXX at Amazon.  I was and still am proud of that book.  Today's post isn't to talk about the success or failure of my first book.  I want to talk about getting that second book out there.

As most know, I pitched my second book to a well know e-pub in March and have yet to send it off.  Why you ask?  Life got in the way.  Also, my review blog blow up, in a good way, and trying to reviewers on board so I could write.  Fast forward to the month of May and I made a life altering decision and that was to step down from my review blog as a reviewer until further notice.  Yes, I'm still committed to books that are on the calendar through the month of June and a couple in July/August but after that, Harlie the reviewer will go silent.  It honestly wasn't that hard of a decisions for me to make.  I need a break from reviewing and shoot, I haven't read a book for pleasure in over a year.  I've got a great assistant that helps me and the reviewers so I don't have any worries about the site at all.

Will I miss it?  No not really.  Reviewing is hard work and time consuming.  Especially when you are reading at least 6 books a week.  Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment but I did it and I'm proud of the reviews that I have posted.  So where is the question Harlie? 

My question or rather admittance is that I still haven't finished the book yet so it can be subbed out.  I truly thought being a stay at home mom would leave me plenty of time to write but alas, that is a big negative at my house.  I don't see how writers find the time to write when they have full time jobs/kids/families.  I mean I to believe that they can write 5k a day?  I guess they don't sleep.  Trust me, I like my sleep and I don't get up at 3am to write because the house is quiet.  I need my sleep to face the day. 

Does this make me a lazy writer?  A writer that is only in the business so I can bitch and moan about not being able to write?  Jealousy, perhaps?  No, I'm in it because I love to write.  Writing this blog is easy and the words just flow out of my fingers.  I'm one of the best bloggers out there.  So, what's the hold up on the book?  When I write, I need complete silence and I don't get that at my house.  Some thing is always happening.  I'm also a slow writer.  I tend to self edit as I go along and I need to unlearn how to do that.  :)  I've also heard this from authors that to be a writer that I need to make writing my #1 priority.  Sorry, folks but my family is my #1 priority, not writing.  Doesn't that make me a bad writer because of it?  I don't think so.  I don't eat, sleep and breath writing.  I eat, sleep and breath my husband and son. 

Plus, I don't have anyone pushing me.  Yes, I have an AWESOME CP and I would cry if she ever left me but I don't have that one person that pushes me to write like a lot of writers have.  I can think of some awesome writing duos and threesomes that when the aren't writing together, they are pushing the others to finish.  Brainstorming with each other and meeting up together for writing weekends. 

Again, am I jealous?  Not in the least now, but I used to be.  But I figured that that way works for them in getting it done.  I still haven't figured out how it will work for me in the long run but I will get the book finished and send it off.  Wish me luck.


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  1. Everybody has to figure out what works for them! Family always comes first for me, too :-) HUGS


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