Monday, June 10, 2013

Stress Release - RX for Creativity

Learning to unwind is as important as gearing up for the next hurdle.

Who amongst us has yet to say, life is so uneventful, stress release really isn’t an issue? Well sister, not I said the cat!

Stress release is similar to a horse race. What looks good at the gate may not finish in win, place or show in my race. Everyone goes about making a sandwich differently and so must the search for tension taming tricks

My list is short. Five actually. Maybe a few you’ve done or not. Perhaps something sounds inviting. Or not. Please do share what works for you. I’m always on the search and love to try new things.

#1-WARM TO REALLY HOT WATER. No matter where I go or what I try, stress release is best achieved in warm water that releases the toll of time. My favorite spot at home is the bathtub. No matter if you're lucky to have a whirlpool tub with jets or a foot bath. I adore warm water in all forms and can soak my problems away. But in a pinch, a hot steamy shower does wonders. Wouldn't ya know, I’m the person who uses all the hot water each and every time.

#2-A MOMENT OF GREENERY. Outside in the yard. Regardless of the season, walking around with my two dogs and even the cats accompany us, it’s magical. Rosemary and sage are present in all seasons. And there’s always something to ponder. The sensory effects are renewing being nears trees, moss, and other plants.

#3-LAUGHTER. Each and every (that's right every!) day, my husband shares something humorous with me. I adore that he makes it a point to make me laugh. And he does. Laughter connects us and sooths away tons of stress.

#4-MINT. Whether it’s mint soap, mint lip balm, or mint I grow in the garden, this scent calms the nerves. Not only my belief but proven. Mint reduces stress and imbues a person with a sense of calm. Mint helps stomachs and headaches…a natural pain reliever.

#5-YOGA. I don’t go anywhere without my mat. Yoga is a sure fire way to relieve stress by allowing the body to express energy in ways that release while at the same time instill a steady grace and balance. There are various types of yoga and the easiest way to let go of stress is a series of asanas (poses) that flow. Sun and moon salutations are easy to learn and do. Balancing poses are also ways to center the energy in the body and mind. No matter what I’m feeling, yoga is a way to help the stress find an outlet that is creative and restorative.

I hope that you’ve found one or two ideas to employ when stress snaps at your heels. Look it in the eye, smile, and gently know, you’ve something to try to help your tense companion dissipate.

Please share what works in your life. I’m interested in knowing more about what others have tried.
Namaste! Susan 
Catch me here as my alter ego Susan Arden! Flame throwing author traveling on a whispering wind.


  1. Great advice! I love to listen to music to really de-stress.

  2. You are so right. Let's add that one too. What are some of your favorites?

    1. I'm probably a little weird, but my playlists range from waterfall/rain background with light instrumental, to rock and roll country, to Disney soundtracks, opera, they are all good for me. I like variety and get bored easily if the style doesn't change every so often.

      I DO NOT write with music on. It has to be silent for me to write. LOL


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