Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Writers Pet Peeve

As some of you may know I have been writing Newsletters for my local Union for the past year and a half.  When I began I was told I would write, edit  and have final draft submitted for printing and then distributed.  The administration at the time was crumbling and to be quite honest they were basically always trying to please management as opposed to standing up for and conveying the truth to their very own Union members.  I would write the Newsletters and the President at the time would have me omit a lot of pertinent information and then have the Newsletter printed in black & white, which not only made it lose it's appeal but basically made me look bad. The writer...

A few months ago we elected new officers and the promise of bringing upon change was evident.  I was asked to continue the Newsletter and was elected Chairperson of the Committee.  This you may think is all good, which in part it is, but once you mess with my integrity as a writer I tend to take that extremely personal.  As writers you all can understand the importance of getting every grammatical error you can, how one must revise and worse omit some stuff you thought fit but actually didn't.  That hurts every time, but what got me to write this is the blatant disrespect I received after pointing out that the incorrect version was printed. It took me five hours to perfect the first Newsletter released under the new administration and they go ahead and print the rough draft, which mind you was full of errors.

First, and foremost this is my work being distributed to hundreds of members.  You put my name behind it and gave me credit for a job well done to only print and distribute the freaking rough draft but I shouldn't take offense.  I started out excited and extremely proud of the final piece to only have them screw up my work again.  At this point I am totally disappointed and seriously considering dropping out, but my loyalty and devotion to things I truly care about prevents me from doing so and I honestly enjoyed the rush.  Being given a deadline and meeting it was great.  I have the final copy on file and luckily sent it to the rest of the team prior to the erroneous one being printed so they very well know the error didn't lie with me.  One thing is certain though the next will not be taken so lightly.   

Copyright (c) 2013 Susan B. Anna


  1. I could imagine your frustration at the error they caused. Hopefully it will not happen again.
    Good luck on the next one.

  2. I can imagine your frustration. I do hope you are able to help them understand the importance of professionalism -for your reputation as well as their own.


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