Monday, July 1, 2013

"No, I'm Not!" says the little fairy.

A day in the life of me...
I have a three-year-old fairy, well, she thinks she is a fairy. So we'll go with that.

If any of you are mothers and have potty-trained a little girl, that's where I am right now. The little imp learned very quickly, but now, her favorite phrase is "No, I'm not." I guess getting up from whatever she is doing is just too intrusive, LOL.

I know I shouldn't laugh because she is being stubborn, but every time she says that, she stamps her little foot and huffs. It is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen (except for the fact that she's being defiant) but, I digress.

She does the little foot stamp thing any-time she doesn't get her way. Lord have mercy, I think I have a burgeoning hot temper on my hands. Tinker-Bell be ware, I believe Chloe has you outdone.

I try to talk her through the little fits of trying to be in charge. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. But, she's only three, so we have time. Right?

I'm off for the summer right now. School doesn't go back until late August. I treasure this time and love the extra moments with my darling little fairy and the extra time for writing. My little imp loves her babysitter and practically begs to go see her and her buddies. So during the summer she is still going three days a week.

I kept her home all summer last year and she cried at the garage door, telling me she needed to 'Go.' Three days seems to be a good balance for her this year.

We adore our little fairy and we've gotten quite a few comments on the pixie dust that coats our clothing. My husband's suits sparkle from her hugs and he's had to explain his glitter to more than one co-worker and client. You can imagine where that conversation when....LOL.

She keeps us hopping!
Oh, did I mention I was a Disney addict. Yeah, I was afraid I forgot to say that.


Krystal Shannan


  1. Krystal I feel ya there... I have a 3 year old little pirate (thank you Jake and the never land pirates) Depends on the day we either get Pirate Jon, Fireman Jon, or Just JonJon... We go with it as imagination never hurt anyone and if my kid wants to wear a pirate hat,have a hook hand and bring his plastic sword into all the stores we go into... What the hell I say it's keeping him quiet. Even though he does do the "Hey Watch This" Yeah that statement means a mess or trouble coming soon in JonJon talk :)

    1. It's amazing what you will put up with just so they are happy and entertained, LOL

  2. She sounds adorable! I have 2 boys, no little girls for me, but my youngest's thing was the puppy dog eyes. He would look up at me with those big hazel eyes, bat those really really long eyelashes (which he unfortunately did not get from me), pout and he just looked so adorable that I always found it hard to keep a straight face and say no. So I feel for you. You struggle between keeping a straight face and not giving in when they're just so cute that all you ant to do is laugh out loud and give them whatever it is they want. lol

  3. She is so precious!!! This was great, good luck with the potty training.

  4. Hold onto her fairy dust and all, for all too soon, the sparkle turns to eyeshadow worn to her first Bat Mitzvah, Quince, or Sweet Sixteen. And then it is on to prom, packing for college, the night before her wedding and you'll be thinking, with a smile and tears, where did all the time go since she huffed and stamped her tiny foot. Trust me, the time moves swiftly and what I'd give for a bit of pixie dust. I guess that why grandparents treasure their grandkids so much.


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