Sunday, July 28, 2013

So busy NOT spending money...

My daughter has been on summer break.  She goes to school year round but she has 2 weeks off in the summer and 2 weeks for winter.  We spoiled her last year by doing something fun and special with her every day of her break.  We bought annual passes to Caldwell Zoo, took her to the movies, spent a day at an indoor WaterPark, explored Discovery Science Place, watched imax movies at the planetarium, played at the Kid Depot, ate a Chuck E. Cheese and painted bowls and statues at Piddlin' Pottery.  All of these are a great option for parents in Tyler, TX but they are not cheap.

This year was a little different.  I am still healing from major surgery that our finances may never recover from.  My mother-in-law put a little house on our property for retirement years but we had to pay for the septic, electric, and water system.  All this stuff just had to be done - budget be damned.  Our credit cards are maxed out and we've been eating a lot of pasta.  We have had to do more free or low cost things this year.  She goes back to school tomorrow and we made it without her realizing that we are poorer than before.  We introduced her to the library - they have reading time, books to check out, and even movies.  We did crafts at home using things we already had, let her play at a variety of parks including a sprayground, cooked and decorated cakepops, and had tea parties.

I had such big plans to write several books while I was off from work on unpaid medical leave.  Abdominal surgery is no joke.  I was laid out for 5 of my 6 weeks, doped up for 4 of them.  I just didn't have the brain power to create.  That last week I got some good writing done.  I finished the first draft of Wretched Blood (Second in the Carrier Trilogy).  Other than that, I got nothing accomplished.  I watched some netflix with the hubs.  I read a lot of books from both indie authors and a couple from my favorite authors.  Here are some of them:

Rusalka by Jennifer Blackstream

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  1. Gotta take care of your health and kids are happy if they get to spend quality time together with you. It's hard to write on drugs :-)
    Looks like you read some really good books.


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