Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back to School shopping and why it makes me sad.

I was roaming through the isles of Walmart last night and ended up in the back to school supplies. I stopped and realized that I have rummaged through these crates, boxes and packages of pens for 31 years, but not anymore. My daughter is in her last semester of College and has no list for me to fill.
I felt a twinge of sadness as the kids ran past me. Their parents were scanning the lists and the kids were picking out new pens, notebooks and everything they thought they needed. Their smiles, and the look of aggravation on the parents faces made me wish for yesterday.
A smart person would have smiled and walked away from the mass confusion but I stood there and actually wished I had a list to shop from

The memories of my children getting excited about having the best box of crayons, the prettiest pen and of course the new backpack.

Then as they grew we had to buy the locker organizers, different project supplies and the best graphic calculator money could buy.
Then my sadness started to fade and the thought of not having to spend all that money made me smile. I stepped away, walking past all the confusion with a little skip in my walk as I ran through the list of things I was going to buy for myself. You see, as a writer I also need supplies. Like the best box of markers for my book signings, the smoothest writing pen for all the story ideas I need to jot down and maybe even a new backpack.  : )
I guess I'm just not ready to give up the ritual of back to school shopping,
Tell me what you think about this time of year. Does it excite you as much as the kids or is it a time that causes you to pull out your hair and drain your check book.

Until next time.


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