Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School Woes

As August slowly comes to an end and school soon getting started I am faced with the fear of my child attending middle school.  For me middle school had its ups but it also had its downs.  In middle school you fall in love for the first time, face bullies and maybe even battle with acne.  This is when your heart is broken and you either mature a little more or dwell on it for a while.  Being that he is my only child I worry but I have never been one to baby him or shelter him.  If he fell and cried I wouldn't rush to him unless I saw some actual blood which luckily only happened once, and only required three stitches. 

What worries me is not the fact that he will be attending middle school, but that he may be bullied. In elementary school they had an anti-bullying campaign that taught children how to spot bullying and how to put a stop to it.  In elementary school kids are more innocent and can easily say they won't be a bully, or will quickly say they will report anyone they see as a bully, but in middle school one is trying to fit in and don't want to rock the boat so it becomes more and more difficult.  I have coached my son and discussed the issues he may be facing but he seems to either take it lightly or is not worried at all.  I can only hope it's the latter, but again I do not want to baby him and I want him to continue to be independent as well as capable of standing up for himself when he needs to.

The innocent stage will soon be over, and with that will come a bit of attitude but I shall be prepared for that as well.  These next few weeks we will be enjoying the end of the summer together and then he will spend five days with his dad and family members in Florida.  The shopping for school supplies has just begun and then we will have to purchase new clothes and remaining supplies upon his return. 

I have a lot to look forward to as does my son, but I am still hoping I can turn back the clock a little, just not as far back where I'll have to deal with the terrible two's.  My son will soon be a teenager and with that will come a lot of ups and downs as well, but again, I look forward to it and best part about it is I get to now see and experience things from a boys perspective, so always get to learn a lot.  

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  1. A new beginning. Scary and exciting at the same time. You have to trust that you've raised a good kid with a solid head on his shoulders. If you have a trusting and open relationship, you will both have a great year. Just be there for him. Most schools really do try to do the very best for their students. HUGS!


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