Monday, August 26, 2013

Crash Into Me-K.M. Scott #contemporaryromance #newrelease

Hi! Gabrielle, here. I'm celebrating a new release today under my alter ego's name. Crash Into Me is the first book under my K.M. Scott name. A contemporary romance, it's a story I fell in love with as soon as it began rattling around in my mind.

I usually write PNR and am very happy in that genre, but early this spring I had an idea for a contemporary romance. The idea of writing in another genre was unnerving for a while. I've read contemporaries for years, and in fact, wrote a contemporary way back when. (It was a very early effort, so it's sitting in drawer with my first PNR.) But I'd been writing paranormal for years and gotten in that groove.

The problem is that Tristan, the hero of Crash Into Me, was a very persistent man and after a while, I accepted that this was a story I was going to write. From then on, Tristan and Nina took over all my writing time until the book was complete. I guess it was meant to be.

Crash Into Me was a labor of love, and I'm thrilled that release day has finally arrived! So here's the blurb of the story that took over all those days and nights:

What would you give up for everything?

Tristan Stone was powerful, commanding, sex incarnate. And he wore it all so well. From the moment his mesmerizing gaze met mine, I had no choice but surrender to everything he was. His power. His decadence. His passion. He was all I never knew I needed.

He wanted to possess me, and I wanted to be his everything. All I had to do was accept what he offered. But everything has a price.

The world he gave me fulfilled my wildest dreams, but would that be enough when the past crashed into the present?

For more on Crash Into Me, including excerpts, visit my alter ego's blog at and please join me for the Crash Into Me Release Party on FB Wednesday, August 28 from 6-10 pm at There will be giveaways and lots of fun, so stop by!

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  1. i can see Tristan is going to be an exciting read. Wish Gabrielle all the best with the release


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