Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our New Family Activity - Geocaching

August is always a crazy month in our house.  When my husband and I got married in 1998 we had no idea 3 months later we’d get pregnant!  So our one and only child was born two days after our first anniversary. 
Most of the time we celebrate our anniversary early or late depending on the year.   Our beautiful little baby boy is a whooping fourteen years old this August.  Where have the years gone?

In addition to the celebrations, I home school so I have been busy getting us back into a routine for our school year.  This is our last year to home school.  We decided there was just too much in the high school experience we wanted him to enjoy.   So he’ll enter public school next year.

This year one of my friends has been posting a lot about geocaching on Facebook so I decided to start our school year off with a fun day of trying out this activity.  It’s quickly becoming a family obsession.   It turns out my husband and son love it.  It also gave us a great excuse to stop at several things we have driven past and ignored, like the huge monument on Main Street.  It became a little educational doing things like that where we read about our town history.

If you have never geocached, it is where you take a GPS or smart phone with GPS/Geocache apps and look for little caches (treasures) hidden by other hunters.   Some have little logs you sign, some have learning information in/around them, and some have little boxes with trinkets, toys, etc you can swap out.  We now have a little Rubbermaid container under the seat in the car full of little toys and swap items. 

I wasn’t sure how this activity would be viewed by my 14 year old so I did everything I could to make it fun.  I had him go get a stuffed animal we could use as our geocache name and for taking anonymous pictures at the geocache sights we stop at to upload to the website.   It’s been such a fun experience.  I really recommend if you have kids or younger teenagers and want a way to spend the day together as a family you check this activity out.   Free family fun for all ages!  Bonus: You might learn something and you’ll definitely be teaching your kids things on the hunts like how to use a compass, etc.

We did learn to put a little first aid kit with some insect repellent wipes in the glove box.   We caught as many mosquito bites as we did caches one night.  I’ll leave  you with a little shot of Sylvester and I when we stopped at a cache that asked what we were supposed to stay out of and got into anyway (my answer was makeup – my dad hated me playing with it when I was little - and I left a new little Hard Candy lip gloss in the container).


  1. What a creative idea. I can see how it could be educational, too, and that's always a plus :-)


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