Thursday, August 1, 2013

Quirks anyone?

This summer is flying by way to fast for my liking, but I haven't figured out a way to slow time I guess I'll just go with flow, LOL. If anyone knows a way to slow time, please leave instructions in the comment box below.

I thought today I would share a couple of my quirks with you.

1) I adore Disney movies!
If there was a Disney Princess Fan Club, I would be president. All time favorites are Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Enchanted, and The Little Mermaid. I still find time to watch my vast collection of Disney DVDs at least once every year.

2) I collect lizards!
No, not real ones. I wouldn't be able to stomach the bugs I'd have to buy to feed them. *SHUDDER* Mine are rubber, ceramic, stone, wood, metal, etc. I have them scattered around the house. Several are in my daughter's bedroom right now on the wall on the rainforest mural I painted. Some are in the kitchen cabinets.....yeah, that's a funny story.
When I first got married I would tape them to the inside of the cabinet doors or put some of the tiny ones underneath glasses or dishes. The sound of my husband hollering "Holy Crap!" from across the house still brings a smile to my face even today. Everyone in my family is used to it now, but every once in a while I still find a good place to hide one of my little reptilian friends...*grin*

3) I'm really forgetful!
My husband particularly loves this characteristic. Our arguments or fights last for the duration of the fight. Once the fight is over and we've agreed on a solution or compromise. I FORGET IT! No, I mean really. Sometimes he'll mention something we've fought over recently and I'll look at him with this blank stare, trying to remember WTH he's talking about. We laugh about this characteristic constantly. I just tell him, it's over and done with. Why would I want to remember it?

Also, if I don't make a list for things I need to do, nothing gets done. This was not a good trait to grow up with as a teenager needing to do chores. I seriously didn't mean not to do them, I really just forgot. I still do it today. I'll put in a load of laundry or start cleaning something, and if I get distracted it will sit until that night and then I'll say "crap" and then I'll say "oh well" and go to bed and try again the next day. Lists and alarms are really important and my calendar on my iPhone is a lifesaver. It will beep and remind me to do the things I would just naturally otherwise forget.

So, that's a little about you have any quirks???

Krystal Shannan 
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  1. I will destroy third world countries to get to a new tube of toothpaste first. I want that first squeeze and nothing will stop me...

    (insert evil laugh here)


  2. I can not eat chip crumbs. Once the bag is down the crumbs the guys know they are getting the chips. I don't even know why but I hate them.


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