Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I hate scary things but I live with a ghost and she enjoys making me scream.

I am one of the biggest babies when it comes to horror movies, ghosts and anything that goes bump in the night. When my children were younger I would take them to the scary movies and I would be the one hiding her face and screaming out loud. So when my daughter said she saw a ghost in her room my first thought was that she was just pulling my chain. Well she wasn't. I live in a haunted house.

We bought an old farm house. It was too small for my large family so we added two more bedrooms. Halfway through the build my husband and son would say they heard voices. They could not make out the words, just mumbling but there was no one else in the house. It became a daily thing as the building moved along. I woke up at 2:16 am to my daughter yelling for me a few days after she moved into her room. I ran in to see her pointing at her desk, I saw no one but she said there was a woman staring at her. Like the good mother that I am I ran out of the room. I made it to the kitchen and remembered my daughter so once again like the good mother I am, I yelled down the hall and told her to come to the kitchen. I know Mothering skills at their best. Well over the next six months our female ghost made her presence quite a few times, but never to me. So I was fine by it. No visual so I could be ignorant to what was going on. Well that didn't last very long.
Our ghost decided I needed to see her. I was outside in the garden and heard someone yell Mom, clear as day, so I looked around and yelled what. No one answered. I went back to work on the plants when I heard it again. I decided I was going to find which adult child of mine was too lazy to come out and find me. I went inside to see my daughter wrapped up in her blanket, walking out of the bathroom, going towards her bedroom door. I called her name, but she didn't answer. I was getting agitated now so I yelled at her as I walked down the hall. She never turned around and she walked into her bedroom, then she disappeared.  I froze. I couldn't breath, couldn't move. My heart was pounding in my ears and a cold hand brushed against my shoulder. I screamed, tripping over my real daughter as I ran down the hall, out the front door. I know, you are now laughing, rolling on the floor at the site of a grown woman pushing her daughter out of the way to run outside. Yes, another great mothering moment. Leave the child in the house with evil spirits.

Well my daughter lived through the ordeal and I went out and bought hair dye to cover all the gray hair this event caused. We have seen this spirit quite often since then and we have come to a silent agreement that she can stay as long as she stays out of my room, away from me, out of my site, see the pattern? Ignorance is bliss. We have tried to track the history of this house but have had no luck. My children have since grown and moved out, and my spirit child only gets active when they come home.

And that's a good thing since I have no one around to protect me from the spirit that lives within my house.
Now you know why I don't watch scary movies, or read scary books. I have my own ghost s to keep me up at night.
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  1. Loved this Lynda!! I've never been in a haunted house, you know not a real one. But I'm going to a haunted hotel in Feb. Can't wait!!! Especially now after reading your post! :)


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