Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Live Every Day

I don’t want to get to sad or morbid but 2013 has not been an easy year in my family.  I got a call in March/April that my step grandmother had taken ill and was in the hospital facing very serious surgeries.  Torn, part of me wanted to be there helping my cousin take care of her and my grandfather and part of me wasn’t sure if I shouldn’t wait until we knew exactly what care was needed.   My choice was made for me when in April, my Grandpa went to be with the Lord.

My Grandpa spent his life preaching and faithful to the Lord.    My pen name is borrowed from his name.  My son was almost named Robert Edgar, when we decided to name him something else on the day of his birth, I took Edgar as my pen name. 

It wasn’t very long after that I got another call I wasn’t expecting.   My grandfather on my mom’s side passed away a few years ago but her mother had been hanging in there.   Shortly after the loss of my grandpa, she too gave up her long fight.    Dementia may have taken her mind, but she is now also at peace.

Within one month, I found myself with one living grandparent – my step grandmother.   Her health was still precarious for awhile as well.   She’s fully recovered and doing much better now, I’m happy to say.

However, throughout the year I’ve watched as other family members have been continuously struggling this year with losses.  Most recently my Aunt’s sister, Michelle, was given awful news.    Her son who is just a few years older than me was driving home from work when a man with diabetes had a health issue that caused him to cross the highway hitting her son’s vehicle and killing them both.  

Today, she posted on her social network reminding us not to be angry with the other man or his loved ones.  They, too, are grieving as his diabetic pump failed and caused this tragedy.  What a blessing that she can remain so loving even when in the midst of such terrible pain.

The point of today’s post wasn’t the tragedy, the loss, the details.  It was in the reminder that no matter who you are, how rich you are, how young you are at some point death will reach out for you.   Are you loving the people around you?  Are you making memories?  Are you living your life?

Due to a health issue I am constantly faced with restrictions on what I should and should not do.  One thing this year has put in my face, is yes it may hurt but sometimes you have to just do it.  We are only blessed with the gift of life for a limited time so make the most of it.   Within reason, get out and move around.  Enjoy the world around you.   Make the most of every day.   Don’t just say the words “I love you” but take the time to hug the person, visit the loved ones you don’t see very often, and live your life to the fullest.   We just don’t know when our day will come, so why not live every moment as if it were our last?  No regrets.   That’s how I want to live.


  1. Always live life to the fullest. It's too short not to. HUGS

  2. Love you Katy, that was beautiful. Hugs


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