Friday, September 20, 2013

School, Community and Finding a Place to call Home

Why this photo?  Its all the wristbands we wore on vacation.  Yes, we are counting down to next July.  LOL!

School has started and I'm excited.  Our son is now in the 3rd grade and testing us every day with new boundaries.  He has started spending more time with his friends and sometimes he is gone all afternoon, just being a kid.

When we moved from the sticks to Lindale, it was my prayer that he would be able to have a somewhat normal (or what I called normal) childhood.  Riding his bike, playing with friends, trick or treating on Halloween, and even playing in the mud.  Yes, it wasn't until last year that our son actually was able to trick or treat.  I cried and took pictures.  Our son also loved passing out candy and talking to everyone.

The town that we moved from last year, didn't offer those things.  We lived on a street but not a neighborhood.  We didn't even have a sidewalk for him to ride his bike.  No kids around for him to play with and forget about being gone all afternoon.  We lived in a town that didn't have neighborhoods, sidewalks, or even a place for kids to even meet up and hang out.

We lived in a lake community that catered to the "weekenders or snowbirds" that poured alot more money in the economy then we did as citizens that lived there.  I was never more relived when we moved to a town, in an honest to goodness neighborhood where we had next door neighbors, kids playing outside and sense of community.  We have embraced Lindale and Lindale has embraced us.

The school district rocks and we all have Eagle Pride and wear it everyday.  As a stay at home mom, I get the spirit more than hubs but that's okay.  He's slower than most.  LOL!  We go to football games on Friday nights, the rodeo in May, and this year we will start going to basketball games.  Brian will join Cub Scouts and hubs joined the Lions Club.  Now, am I going to join anything?  Not sure at this point.  We don't have a true PTA/PTO but I am involved with the school.

Why am I telling you this?  Its that time of year when people start either crying or shouting about their kids that are going back to school as if this is a bad thing.  I don't see it that way.  I'm happy when school starts and so is Brian.  He loves the routine, structure and more importantly, his friends.  We have never had a problem with him getting up and going to school.  He loves it but I just keep remembering that by the time is in Junior High...this will all change.  LOL!


  1. Congrats on finding a place that fits your family! I'm in Tyler. We moved from Longview after 4 years so that our daughter could go to a better school and it was a great decision.

  2. It's good to enjoy where you live and where your kids go to school is one of the most important things ever! Sounds like y'all are having a great time in Lindale.


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