Sunday, September 1, 2013

School is Back in Session.....

I know what you are thinking. Yay! The kids are back in school....LOL. Well, when you are an elementary teacher without school-age children it tends to be more like....WHAT! You mean summer's over already!!!

I've gotten nothing done over the past two weeks. And by nothing, I mean all of my characters are screaming WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?!!! I keep telling them I'm coming back. And, I am. I've started writing again this weekend. But, it's hard. The momentum I had going this summer is difficult to continue when the 40hour work week comes back to haunt me. Now I have two jobs again, instead of one.

Don't get me wrong. I love teaching and I love the kids at school, but my heart is transitioning away from that career and focusing on a new one. I published my first novella OPEN HOUSE in October of 2012. Since that time I've produced 4 other titles. Bringing my total currently to 5 published titles.

It was a GREAT summer! I'm so proud of myself. My husband and family are proud of me. Even my parents texted me almost every day during the release month of my last Vegas Mates book to ask how many copies I'd sold so far. We were all so excited when it hit Amazon Bestseller Lists! It was nice to be able to share that accomplishment with them and feel that this journey is really starting to turn into the career that I want.

Granted, I know the journey is still a long ways to go. But I'm good with that and so are my stories. I have books planned to write on into 2015. Which is crazy to think about, but true.

This summer was really good to me, but it was also really hard. My 3 year old daughter was tested for Autism, ADD, and ADHD. She was diagnosed with a severe speech impairment, but the school district was unwilling to label her Autistic or ADD or ADHD, because the markers weren't high enough. Her specialist DAN doctor pediatrician confirmed that she was on the Autistic spectrum, but that it was too early to tell what level. We switched her diet to 100% Gluten Free and 99% Dairy Free (Pizza just isn't pizza without real cheese, LOL, the Gluten Free crust is ok, but soy cheese is NASTY). All the books say kids on the spectrum function better on a Gluten Free Dairy Free diet, so that was a no brainer to us. We are completely on diet with her in the house and never eat anything she can't have in front of her. It was an adjustment, but we are doing really well now and her speech therapy is going great! Not fast enough for any of us, but she is making good progress. We are all dying to know what's going on in her little head :-)

I've had so much support from my online friends through this crisis. I just want to give them a huge hug! You know who you are! I (heart) you!

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  1. Hi Krystal! I'm a legal stalker! ;) I think that its wonderful that you had such a fantastic summer break, though I agree that going back to two full time jobs is hard! But, you're on your way to being a full time author and being able to chose being a writer full-time...I'd bet in the next year or two you can be!

    I'm really excited for you and your Vegas Mates series. Enjoy all of our chats about writing (and I totally bought that book you told me about, thank you!) I do have a title for you of one I found helpful too :)

    I think that's fantastic that your daughter is improving on the new diet...However, the thought of gluten-free everything and soy cheese kind of freaks me out. I can't imagine how hard of an adjustement that was for you and your family going for gluten AND almost 100% dairy free....really tough. But I agree if the kids have to go on a diet...we have to do it with them as its only fair to them. Glad you guys are adjusting though. I'm really looking forward to see what you have planned for us! I can relate to the "having" books planned into 2015....if my muse had her way we'd be set till 2020..but I keep telling her to shut up...she doesn't listen and the voices keep talking but its the life of a writer! congrats sweetie on your continued success. I'll be rooting for you the whole time!


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