Thursday, October 24, 2013

A List For Cold and Flu Season

The cold/flu season is quickly approaching.   Even with the flu shot there are certain things that still manage to find their way into the house.    I spent almost every holiday last year sick.    This year my son seems to be having a run with my luck.   So, I have learned there are some great things to keep handy in your home until the season passes.

I thought I’d share my list of things I like to keep handy this time of year.   It saves me midnight runs to the store or trying to suffer it out until morning.  

  1. Kleenex – allergies, colds, weather changes – there are so many reasons to keep a box of these in the house.
  2. Lysol Wipes – I love these little wipes.   They are great all the time, but especially during the cold/flu season.  I use them to wipe down remotes, door handles, counters, and whatever is within wiping distance when someone is sniffling in my house.
  3. Airborne – We discovered when we swapped influenza around last winter that Airborne did a great job at helping us feel better sooner.   Now, if someone’s sick in the house, the others use it to boost their immune system.   The sick family member can use it to help how they feel and to give their immune system a small boost when they feel better.   
  4. Gatorade – hide a couple bottles of this or your favorite electrolyte drink in the back of the cabinet.  When the stomach illnesses hit, keep them hydrated in a pinch.   If they don’t like the taste use it to make them some quick Popsicle treats.  It also gives you more use out of those fun Popsicle molds you bought this summer.  Or was that just me?  Make sure you keep drinking water and some of your favorite juices stocked up, too.  
  5. Teas – A little cup of hot tea can help relax and soothe them into rest and it makes the throat feel better.
  6. Don’t forget to stock your winter medicine cabinet.    My choices are Dayquil for daytime sniffles, Nyquil for night time sniffles, and Pepto Bismol.   We always have Tylenol around as well.  Every family is different so I'm sure other mama's have their favorites as well.
  7. Ramen noodles and soup for something light to eat that also is a bit of a comfort food.  

What are some things you like to stock up on?  Do you prepare for the cold/flu season? 

Next month I would like to compile some tips for dealing with sick kids, especially during the holidays.   The kids are getting out more and visiting family so it seems like they are always catching a bug.   So many first time parents stress out, worry, or feel like they’ve tried everything and their nerves are frazzled.    Please feel free to leave your favorite tip in the comments and then check back next month to see if your comment has been featured!

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