Sunday, October 20, 2013

Girlfriends and their importance in my life...

What to talk about this month?  I could bore you with pictures of the Cub Scout camp out with my son or the parade that he was in the following weekend but I won't.  You might get sick of seeing the same kid over and over.  LOL!

So I will talk about the importance of girlfriends in your life.  As most of y'all know, I live in a town, Lindale, in East Texas about 15 minutes from Tyler.  I'm also a stay at home mom.  You would think that my life made; I can write all day, read whenever I want and not have to worry about anything.  You would be so wrong.  I barely have time to write with everything that I've got going on.  Between an active 3rd grader, a house to run, blogging/reviewing duties and working for Entangled, I barely have time for myself, much less writing.  When I lived in Gun Barrel City, I can honestly say that I had no friends.  No one to talk to at all.  I worked in another town and GBC was so closed minded about outsiders that after almost 6 years of living there, I cried for joy when we moved to Lindale.  I realized some mistakes I made but then thought to myself, you know, it was their loss that they didn't accept me.  Not the other way around.

Here's where girlfriends and their importance comes in...I need them like I need to breath.  Now, I know you are probably thinking to yourself, surely you have friends in Lindale.  Yes and no.  Its tough when you are at least 10 years older (I'm 46) and everyone that you know still works outside the home.  I fit somewhere in the middle and I'm still trying to find that middle ground.  I had such a great time getting to know the moms in Brian's Cub Scout den while camping.  Nothing brings you closer than sweating, getting rained on, eating bad food and trying to contain a bunch of 8 yr olds on a camp out.  LOL!  Trust me on this.
I live for Mondays when the den meets.  While the boys are doing their thing, the moms and I can actually talk about things.  And guess what...its not about books, blogging, reviewing or being online.  Yes, they know what I do and have no problems with it.  Woot!  What we talk about is life in general.  Our kids, husbands, the price of gas, school, whatever suits us.  I know that sounds quaint to some people but I need the break from being online, etc. and on Mondays I can.  Its nice to know that even though I'm an older mom, I still have the same concerns, questions and attitudes that other moms have and we can actually talk about them and even have a laugh or two.

Now, before you get all pouty and think that I don't love my online friends, you would be wrong.  I love them with all my heart and always will.  I need that physical connection with people since I don't work in a cube anymore.  I need to know that I can still be in social situations and not make a fool out of myself, hold an intelligent conversation and in truth, be valued.  Yes, valued as a mom...not a writer/blogger/reviewer.  Remember, I stay at home most days.  In fact, the only time I leave the house is to take and/or pick up Brian from school so Mondays are golden to me.  I can be a mom, a friend, a listener and leave my alter ego (Harlie) at home.

After living in Lindale for over a year, I'm still trying to find my groove but at least the friends that I have made here accept for who and what I am.  They are friendly, open and it feels good to share a laugh or two when standing in the latrine line on a chilly Sunday morning.  Yes, true story within the camp out that maybe one day, I'll bore you with.  LOL!

Until next month...Happy Halloween!


  1. Yay! Good for you. It is important to have connections other than the friends we have online. It is hard though, I find myself quite isolated as well. I still work full-time and do all the other stuff. It's hard.

  2. Well said Girlie! None of us can make it alone. We need each other in different capacities at different times. I am glad you are finding what works for you! <3

  3. @Krystal...I feel isolated at times but NOT near as I did in Gun Barrel. That place was my living hell for almost 6 years. I'm lucky that I escaped.




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