Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LIBERTY ANN by Marie, the Always Fabulous Feline

Long time, no write, right?  This is Marie, Liberty Ann's fabulous cat.  I have decided that it was time for me to take matters into my own paws and give you an update on life at our house.

Liberty Ann is fine.  Well, she could be better if she would stop typing on this computer and pet me more but I digress...

She is fine, however, she was much too busy holding her aching head (something crazy called Disabling Migraines) to be able to post the last couple of months and bring you up to date.  Sadly, for me, those have passed and she is off those medicines that make her stay in a nice, quiet, dark room where she can snuggle with me all day long. ;)

She has done something that I am quite miffed about too.  She has a new D.O.G.  Blech!  His name is Colby, he is about 3 years old and he is some sort of Black Lab mix, whatever that is.  All I know is he is huge, he chases me when I run, he cuts in on my time with the humans and he has Dog Breath.  I get him back though...I drink his water. *snicker*

As for the rest of the family, the little humans are fine.  They all went back to school so Liberty Ann and I had a party.  They are gone a-l-l day long and then are busy becoming Stealth Ninja's by night.  The Man Human is fine.  He still plays with computers for something called PepsiCo and still doesn't like me... so I lay on his side of the bed. *smirk*

Liberty Ann tells me she has some exciting things coming down the line as an author.  November 11th she will be featured as the Aspiring Author du Jour on Tracee Ford's Autumn Aspiring Authors Blog Tour.  She seems excited.  Me?  Big whoop.  She also is excited about something going on in late October and November called the Entangled NaNo Smackdown.  Personally I think she is crazy.  Then there is that anthology The Romance Troupe is publishing for Valentines Day.  All I know is she spends lots of time on that computer instead of petting me, the terrifical cat.

Oh and guess what else!  She tells me that the whole family is leaving me to go on a Disney Cruise for her birthday and 20th Anniversary.  Hmph.  I suppose she will want to tell you all about it next month!

She tells me she is in search of a virtual part-time job but I think it is just another way to neglect me, the fantabulous cat.

Did I mention how wonderful I am?


Until I take matters into my own paws again,

The Always Fabulous Feline

Oh yeah...come see her at Liberty Ann's SnifferWalk Books anytime.


  1. Great post Marie! Remember, cats rule and dogs are stupid. :)



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