Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Release: Beautiful One

I have a new release this week from Ellora's Cave. The story combines several of my loves: m/m, theater, and ancient history. I had so much fun writing this book--and putting Sophocles into an erotic romance story was pretty awesome for this Classics gal.

I'm not sure why I love m/m erotic romance so much, but I really do. I've got a contemporary m/m series contracted with Ellora's Cave, too. 

Here's more about Beautiful One:

Kallistos, a shy playwright, has been chosen to compete at the Great Dionysia festival in Athens. His plays are strong, but he faces Sophocles, the man who has won almost every contest. Kallistos, the beautiful one, has eschewed intimacy—yet the dark Alexios pierces his armor with philosophies he’s never considered, and he falls hard.

Alexios, a shepherd, aspires to be an actor in Athens. His trip plunges him into a plot of deceit and lies when Sophocles hires him to sabotage his competition. Sophocles promises money and a part on stage—but challenges Alexios’ beliefs and honor.
Though uncomfortable with the lies, Alexios woos Kallistos, finding himself deeply drawn to the man. As the performances near, Alexios must decide which he wants more—his lover, or his lifelong dream of fame and a career. While Kallistos faces issues of trust and forgiveness, and must ponder where life is truly lived—on stage or in reality.

Inside Scoop:  This book contains hot, sexy scenes of M/M interaction in a public bathhouse and in private. Come on in, the water’s fine.
A Romantica® historical gay erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

You can find the book here:

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