Friday, October 11, 2013

Saturday + No Kids = Shooting Range Fun!

Okay so I've never been one to give much thought into owning a gun.  I liked the idea of having a gun around.  I felt safer knowing there was one in the house.  I mean come on I live in the South, it's practically a law to own a gun down here and I'm all about following the law. ;-)

But I never gave much thought into myself owning and operating a gun.  I don't know why I mean I've been around them all my life.  My dad is a retired police officer so he ALWAYS had a gun around whether it be in the house somewhere or on him while we were out grocery shopping.  My mom and step dad always had guns around for whatever reason.  I was in JROTC in high school so I learned how to shoot air rifles and such but again I never gave much thought into having a gun of my own, that was until my hubby brought it up in a conversation one day when he mentioned he would be out of town for a few days.  He said he would feel more comfortable when I was home alone if I had and knew how to operate a gun plus it would be something he and I could do together.  My interest was immediately peaked.

I applied for my gun permit and eight short weeks later I was approved.  We went to my parents who happen to have a huge back yard and decided to let it rip and have some fun.  I was terrified.  I had never in my life shot a handgun.  EVER.  My hands were shaking and my stance was all wrong but hubby and my dad taught me how to stand and how to aim and before I knew it I was having a blast! 

My hubby had already bought me a 22 handgun.  It was HUGE but he assured me there were no worries.  He had already taught me the basics of how to load it, chamber it, and the safety so all that was left was shooting it.  It took a few tries but it came to me pretty quickly.  It became addicting very fast.  The feeling of empowerment was amazing. 

 This was me shooting the 22 handgun.  Yeah, I may have hit the dirt more than the box in this picture but I promise I did better as the day went on.  I even began to hit the circles! HA! ;-)
My hubby shooting his 9mm.
I wasn't going to shoot anything other than my gun but the temptation bugged me so I went ahead and shot the 22 rifle as well and LOVED it!  Hit the middle of the bulls eye my very first shot!  Okay so the little red dot on this gun helps. ;-)
There's hubby shooting it as well. 
I was so happy my dad joined the fun.  It definitely made me less nervous.

I really had a blast learning how to shoot a handgun.  I shot not only my 22 handgun but the 22 rifle, the 9mm, the 45mm, and my dads 38.  I was always scared to death that I would shoot a gun and go flying backwards because lets face it, I'm tiny but it was so awesome.  The 38 had a major kick to it but it was fun trying everything out.

Now hubby and I have a new hobby and I love it.  I can now call myself a gun owner and hubby feels a little better leaving me home alone and to be honest I feel a little bit better myself. 

 I know there's a lot of controversy lately with gun control and I don't want to get into all of that but I would like to say that it takes an extreme amount of responsibility to own a gun and I know my husband and I are extremely safe with ours especially having children in the house, which was why we bought the gun safe with a pass code that only he and I know.  I am on the side of safety. 

With that being said I am so glad I went ahead and got my gun permit and can't wait until the next time hubby and I can go the shooting range and have some more fun.

Thanks for following along everyone!
Jinni J


  1. That's awesome! I love to target shoot! My hubby and I both have our permits and own several different handguns.
    Glad you enjoyed it! :-)


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