Monday, October 28, 2013

The ridiculous lengths my wonderful husband will go to give me a fun, enjoyable Halloween.

Over the years, Eric has proved that his love for me has no boundaries.  I love Halloween but I am a big baby on the scary stuff.  I can't do haunted houses or watch most full blown horror movies.  He helps me create a holiday I can enjoy.  Since the birth of our daughter, who is now 5 years old, I have had her to blame for our PG celebrations, but even before that he was catering to my sensibilities.  He has missed a lot of movies he'd like to see because I cannot stomach the gore or tension.  Our yard is all carved pumpkins, tombstones, and cheese-cloth ghosts instead of the 'house under zombie attack' that I know he dreams of.
This year we went to a family friendly haunted hayride.  I expected friendly ghosts and inanimate scenes but instead we were chased by relentless zombies and screamed at for help by a woman caught in a sickening trap.  As an antidote, we went to Yesterland Farms Saturday and Boo at the Zoo (Caldwell in Tyler, TX) on Sunday.  We will watch Shawn of the Dead on Thursday after taking Gwendolyn to the mall for trick-or-treating.
I don't want to embarrass Eric so I won't show you the Man-man costume he wore out to a club when we were dating or the bio suit that had to substitute for the 28 Days Later infected he had in his head.  You'll just have to take my word on it that they were awesome.
This year takes the cake.  Gwendolyn wanted to be a 'spooky but pretty zombie monster with stitches and a pretty dress' like the ones on Monster High.  We don't watch it but we've seen it around enough to know what she was talking about.  Eric and I planned our costumes accordingly.  I think, as a family, we nailed it.

In case you can't see our company name tags - He is Dr. Franklin Stein, a Lab Tech at Reanimax and I am Hulda, his executive Igor.  Most kids didn't get it.  Gwendolyn did because she told everyone she was our creation.

Please understand that, not only did we attend a function dressed this way where other families were equally dressed.  We went to a Mexican seafood restaurant where we were the only ones in costumes AND the only non-Spanish speaking clientele.  The waitress thought our getups were so funny that she invited us to their Dia de los Muertos party.

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  1. LOL!!! Those are the keepers!!! Mine got in a kilt just to indulge my fetish for all things kilted ;)


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