Friday, October 18, 2013

Whoever Coined the Term “Aging Gracefully” Should Be Slapped

I refuse to age gracefully. No, I’m kicking and fighting that sad-making, life-stealing culprit called “old” all the way to the grave. My body will age; there's no getting around that, but I will not allow my mind to follow. The unfairness of it all is enough to make any sane adult scream. By the time you get everything figured out (or accept the fact that you never will), your body decides to stop cooperating!
Seems like just yesterday my thighs, hips, and tummy were toned and fit, and let’s not even talk about the twins. The girls seem to be losing the battle faster than I can run to the store and buy them a support bra. I hear them in melancholy tandem as they whine, “weren’t we beautiful, sister? Soft and plush? We sat high and proud and never had to hear about ‘Magic Lift.’”
Ahem! (they always did like to steal the show). As I was about to say, I’ve devised a plan. Call it armor fit to do battle. Throughout my research, books, online googling, interviews and personal experience, one weapon against aging continually springs forth – power of finding pleasure in life. Sounds like common sense, but think about it; how often do most of us make time to do the things we really enjoy. If I asked you right now, “what are your favorite things,” could you answer me without a long pause? Soul searching? Thinking back to yesteryear? I didn’t think so.
Research shows that stress prematurely grays our hair. Say what?? Yep, it’s true. In fact, not only does it make us gray faster, it predisposes us to weight gain. One of the best weapons against stress, thus gray hair, weight gain, and aging, is joy. We’ll consider that short for enjoyment, pleasure in life. Are you running to make a list of your favorite things yet?

I’ve reached the age where the chances of me living as many more years as I’ve already lived are pretty slim, so “old,” meet your new foe. I will use every resource available to me to enjoy life – to bring joy to the lives of others. No grace here – just determination. I am armed with a list of ten faves, and I will fight, kicking and screaming, all the way to the grave. Let the battle begin! 


  1. Fight it! Live life to the fullest always! HUGS

  2. You have the spunk to combat all battles. Keep the faith always!


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