Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm late and I'm sorry!

I'm late and I'm sorry.  *thud*  I sometimes hate when my husband takes a few days off.  It throws my whole schedule off.  It seems that he always wants to do something and as of late, I've been getting online late in the afternoon and trying to play catch up.  Ugh!  He seems to think that my time on the computer is a hobby of sorts.  He complains that I'm on the computer all the time and I don't get paid for it.

He would be correct.  I don't get paid to blog/review and its frustrating at times.  Considering all the time and effort that is put into it, it can be a pain.  Plus, I'm running into issues with tour companies that get material late to me or its not complete and I have to scramble to find it from someone else.

On the writing front, I have failed NANO.  I knew I shouldn't have signed up.  My life is too chaotic and full for me to dedicate every day to writing.  There are people that have a set writing schedule and I think that's great.  But for Harlie that doesn't work.  I never know what's going to happen from the time I get up and until I go to sleep.  Between an active 3rd grader, blogging/reviewing, life in general, I just can't do it.

Maybe that's why I've only published one book to date.  Its frustrating for me because I have two publishers that I've pitched to and they love what I've written so far and want fulls.  *head desk*  I've had to take stock in my blogging/reviewing life and there are no easy answers.  Yes, I could stop doing it but then my name wouldn't be out there and people tend to forget about you if you are not blogging almost every day.  Double edged sword.

So, I've decided that the month of December my two review blogs will dim the lights.  For how long, I'm not sure.  Things are booked for the beginning of December and January.  These are firm and can't be changed.  I've also decided on who "Harlie's Books" is and will dedicate the blog to that discovery.  Its been a painful journey this year in writing and blogging.  I've had bouts of depression, anxiety and generally just not feeling it.

I realize that some of this will seem like an excuse to most but hey, this is my life and my post.  I didn't get lucky and find an agent, score a big contract, have multiple books become bestsellers and generally live a charmed life.  No, I've been in neutral and just trying to keep from drowning.

Hopefully 2014 will be better for me as a writer and blogger.  It's hard to balance my life and I'm not getting any younger.

Until next month, Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I will be in Dallas for the holiday with my family and I welcome the break.  Woot!

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  1. Growing pains, girl. You are feeling growing pains. Blogging is tough when you want to write. I thought I could do both and I'm figuring out....yeah! That ain't happen'n! I had to pick what I wanted most out of life. You will get there. Keep truck'n!


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