Friday, November 1, 2013

Writing, editing, formatting, and a circus! OH MY!

Whooooo! It's been a busy month. Writing, editing, and formatting, OH MY! Two book releases in one month will wear a girl out....whew.... BUT, I did learn how to format my own books for the last release! Whooohooo, so proud of myself. And it wasn't as hard as I thought.

But, the best part of this month was getting to take my daughter to the circus. 

We went with my cousin and her son. This is a huge feat for my autistic 3 1/2 year old daughter, who does not normally do well with dark places, loud places, and places full of people. The circus was all three of those and she was a rock star. I had to carry her inside, but once we were in our seats she was fabulous and really enjoyed the show. The tigers and trapeze acrobats were her favorite by far.


I have to say. I really enjoyed it too and was so excited to get to share the experience with her. She tried cotton candy for the first time and decided it wasn't for her, lol. That's ok, cause it meant I got to eat it all. I LOVE COTTON CANDY! She got a butterfly sparkling wand instead and drove her father insane with it when she got home. (it played music and sparkled, lol)


What have you done this fall so far? Anything fun? Tell me! 

Krystal Shannan 
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  1. I absolutely love the circus and I'm so glad your daughter kicked it's booty!!

  2. I'm with her.....I love the sparkling wands that play music and make lots of noise :)


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