Monday, December 30, 2013

Creative Addictions by Angela Rose

As a home schooling mom, my time is consumed with curriculum planning and seeking out educational activities that will keep my nine and six year old boys’ attention spans. Top that off with regular mom duties to four others boys, and a hubby. That’s a full day. However, my day doesn’t end there. I still have the writing thing to squeeze in.

Writing is a must! Without that escape of putting pen to paper the voices in my head would take over. Sounds like enough creativity for a single person, right? Not! I can’t speak for other writers, but the creativity bug doesn’t stop biting for me with just conjuring up characters or the fantastical worlds they live in. I have several creative vices that I dabble in aside from reading and writing.  Photography is very high on my list of creative hobbies! I bought my first camera body and lens at nineteen years old, and I fell in love.

Over the next twenty five years I would discover the “hot glue gun” and would re-vamp anything I could glue. Photo albums, coffee cans, jars, etc. Do you remember stenciling and sponging? There wasn’t a wall in my house that hadn’t been tainted by this variable art form. One the sweetest memories is when I purchased my first set of power tools. That’s when I knew I had a problem. Walls started coming down….literally! Then came the scrapbooking trend! Good Lord help me! Finally, a place I could incorporate my pictures and decorating! Woo Hoo!!!

Now for my newest creative challenge. Crocheting. I’m hooked. No pun intended! I’ve made 11Santa hats to date, three cup cozies, four pairs of slippers, five Afghans, a hat for a doll, and one very short, ugly scarf! That was just in the last two months. At this point, there is not enough time in a day, or days in a week to get everything done that I need. So why add more to that growing list? I have no idea! Maybe it’s genetic or it could be that the moon and the stars were aligned a certain way when I was born. My brain is always looking for a new way to express my creativity. Am I alone in this or are there others of you out there with the same affliction?

 I’ve had to use some self-discipline! The key to being successful in anything, especially life is balance. For me the list goes in this order: Family first, writing/reading, and then all those other creative endeavors are sprinkled into the mix after.

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