Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays!

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Its the 20th day of December and I'm finished with our Christmas shopping.  If you knew me at all, this would come as a shock.  My husband and I are the biggest "OMG, we still haven't shopped on its the 20th of December" people.  To compound that, we always leave on the 24th to journey to the in laws for the holiday.  Yes, we scramble people but not this year.  I'm not sure why we are ahead of the game.  Maybe because he got paid on the 13th and we had the money to spend.  I don't make any money so we depend on the husband's salary for everything.  Its frustrating at times...

We didn't go overboard either.  I actually had to reel my husband in when it came to our son.  We have never spoiled our son at Christmas.  His grandparent's do that because they can and want to.  I'm a believer in not overspending on presents for your kids.  I wasn't spoiled at Christmas by my parents.  My own grandparents did that for me and my younger brother.  Our son never wants for anything so at Christmas, we come up with gifts that he is NOT expecting and will appreciate even more.  

We thought about upgrading the Wii gaming system but realized it works just fine and we can still get games for it.  I mean what do you get for an 8 year old boy that has a TV, DVR, portable DVR, Wii, bicycle, basketball goal, Kindle Fire and a bow/arrow?  We actually got him a real target and new arrows for his bow.  He is going to freak when he sees the target.  LOL!

I was on Facebook the other day talking about what am I supposed do now that I'm rushing around shopping and pulling my hair out?  Someone said "relax" and I don't think I've ever heard the term.  LOL!

I hope that whether you celebrate or not, have a safe and fun holiday week.  

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