Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No Rest for the Wicked...

I may have mentioned this a time or two but every other weekend the hubby and I get a weekend to ourselves.  My two girls go spend the weekend with their dad and grandmother and his daughter goes and spends time with grandmother so hubby and I have the house to ourselves for two nights and almost two full days.  You would think the hubs and I would use this time to rest, relax, enjoy the quiet, and well spend some quality time together and while most of that is true there's a lot more to our weekends.  You know what they say about idle hands. ;-)
Generally I use that Friday night that I drop off my girls to catch up with my friends.  We'll go out to eat and more importantly drink. lol.  After two weeks we all definitely need it.  Last Friday was drinks and Catching Fire.  By the way...LOVED IT!

Typical Girls Night Out
Usually the hubby is asleep by the time I get home Friday nights so that leads into Saturday.  Now, the man and I have an extremely hard time sitting at home on the weekends.  We wake up around 9ish and once we are up and ready we are out of the house.  Doing God knows what.  We'll do our shopping, eating lunch, sometimes car shopping for the hell  of it.  We just hate sitting home doing nothing.  I know I especially hate it because I'm home all week long.  Sure I have a full time job but I get off work and I come home.  I like to get out and about on the weekends. Granted there are a few weekends here and there where he and I will go do our shopping and then go home and watch football and chill but that's few and far between.
 So hubby and I have use the past two weekends to go to a couple places we've been wanting to go back to.
Burritt on the Mountain
Hubby and I got married at Burritt on the Mountain two years ago so we wanted to go back and visit.  This is Burritt museum which was Dr. Burritt's house/mansion.  My grandfather actually helped build this mansion which was why I really wanted to get married there. It's also beautiful!
The second hubby and I walked out of the doors of the front gift shop we saw this!  A new reception hall!  That was not there two years ago when we got married!  It's a beautiful hall though and  made us wish we had waited two years. Hehe. Just kidding.

These three pictures are inside the Burritt mansion.  They had it all decorated for Christmas.  It was gorgeous.  I love old houses.
Today and two years ago...

Burritt also has these old log houses up there too.  It's pretty cool to look inside of them.  Hard to believe people used to live like that.

Just because hubby takes awesome pictures. :)
Then hubby and I decided to go up on the mountain in 40 degree weather. It was freezing! But worth it. :)

So that's what the man and I do every other weekend when we have no kids in our house.  This weekend coming up is going to be another kid free weekend so I can't wait to see what we get into this time. ;-)

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