Friday, January 24, 2014

It's A ....................Cute Puppy Post!

I got my Christmas wish which was that the dog not have her babies on Christmas. Her first litter three years ago was born on the 23rd. It just added an extra level of chaos to the holidays. Though it was a wonderful learning experience for my son. The first litter all went to a training program to become working dogs. This time we made it to January before she had the puppies. I thought it would be easier in January. I was not as prepared as I thought. She went into Stage 1 and stayed in it for 36 hours. That is 36 hours she kept me awake petting, snuggling, comforting her. If I fell asleep she would climb on our bed and lay on my back - which has a lot of problems so 100 pounds of dog on it woke me up every time! In a hazy fog I let her out at 10:00 am on Saturday morning, I needed to take care of some human morning things and she barked. Now I had been aggressive with my husband & son when she barks get her in asap. This time I was tired and I had something I had to do that would only take a few minutes at best. So I said, "Wait five minutes girl!" It's always that one time isn't it? That one time we aren't prepared? I opened the door to a puppy on the porch. The puppy was fine. I named it Cement.
This labor was a little rougher on me and Momma. She's getting her spay. I wasn't too concerned as her pups are great for training programs. The first litter was easy breezy for the most part, but this one was problematic from the puppy on the porch. I got her in her whelping box where she quickly had Chocolate and a yellow one. Puppy four was born still. The next two were born not breathing but a quick call to my Aunt, who breeds English bulldogs, on number five and I became a pro at swinging them to life. Number seven was also yellow and born without problems but then the nightmare began. Daphne, our Momma, labored a very long time. Finally, my husband helped her deliver her last stillborn. At that point the dog and I had been dealing with some form of labor a little over 48 hours. I was a walking, talking zombie. The ones born after the first stillbirth were very small so I did help them get fed the first few days as well. With eyes open, you would have a hard time picking out the three small ones from the three larger pups today. They are all healthy, happy, and starting to play a little bit with each other. I'm happy to say three of them already have forever homes with families that will love them. No, they haven't left us yet. I'm confident the other three will have no trouble finding their families when the time comes. Who could resist these cuties?
As I promised a cute puppy post here's a parting shot of a yawn. Until next month.....

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