Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yay for 2014!!

The end of one year and the beginning of another is always the most busiest for me.  I know it is for most people.  So I am always happy once the craziness of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is over. 
I work my day job right up until Christmas Eve.  Then Christmas Eve I am planning the next day, preparing for Santa to make his or her appearance, and cooking/baking.  It didn't help that my girls decided to stay awake until 1am that night.  Christmas morning was definitely worth everything I had put into it though.  The girls woke up to everything they wanted and we still had two more stops that day. lol.  Santa brought laptops, American Girl dolls, movies, and more dolls that they wanted.  Our house now looks like a doll house with everything we have.  I love having girls. ;-)  So here's a few pictures from our Christmas...

Our Tree

Our cat sleeping under the tree

The girls with some of their gifts...
And here's a few of mine...

This smells AMAZING!

Two days after Christmas was Abrial's birthday.  The birthday girl just turned 12 so I've got one more year with her before she turns into a raging hormonal teenager. lol.  So I had to work on her birthday which I felt bad about because usually I take off work but luckily I only worked until noon.  Then I picked the girls up and we went shopping at Justice, we had lunch at Shaggy's, then more shopping at Toys R Us.  Finally we got back home and I fixed her chocolate cupcakes with homemade buttercream purple frosting as requested.  Later, I took the girls to grandmas for the weekend and I went out and had a much needed drink. lol.
But here's pictures of the birthday girl...
Abrial the newly turned 12 year old. (This is as close to a smile as I'm going to get.)

And Madyssen demonstrating how awesome the cupcakes were lol
 So that was our holiday season.  New Year's Eve was a day and night spent at home with wine and sparkling white grape juice watching Dick Clark's Rockin Eve as we always do.  I rang in the New Year with my two girls because hubby abandoned me and went to bed at 11. lol. 
Hopefully this new year holds lots of great things for us all!
Hope your 2014 is wonderful too!!
Thanks for reading!!


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  1. Gorgeous rug! I really love it. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl, I guess now isn't the time to tell you that mine started his emotional roller coaster at 12 is it? (runs away to hide)


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