Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Love is in the Air...

It's close to Valentine's Day and I'm one of those people who actually love the holiday.  If you can call it a holiday I mean none of us get off work and the schools don't close but still what else is there to call it?
I know some people get tired of all the commercial cards, candy, flowers, etc but I still love it. What's wrong with having a day dedicated to the one you love?  Yes I just quoted Greys Anatomy.  Don't judge me. lol.

Anyway the husband and I had this past weekend kid free as all the kids were with their grandmothers so we decided to celebrate a little early although at first I didn't know that was the plan.  Friday while I was at work hubby had flowers delivered!  They were beautiful!  They also lead to everyone Ooooing and Awwing over them which I secretly love.  My hubby and I have only been married for two years so I know this might not last through ten or twenty so I soak it up when he decides to be all romantic. 

A pic of the flowers on my desk at work.
Then Saturday we spent the day together out shopping as usual and running errands. We went by a specialty popcorn store we had never been in before and bought all kinds of stuff. I got some triple chocolate popcorn and we got the kids a fruit mix. I may have a new favorite store. lol.  After that we had lunch at "our" restaurant.  It's a cute little café that serves German food and it's fantastic! 
A pic of the restaurant
The rest of our Valentine's weekend was just hanging out, spending time together, and more shopping.  Hubby bought my very first hand gun for Valentine's Day! I won't post a pic of it but it's a Ruger 22 and I love it!  I needed something smaller than the gun I was using plus the one I was using belongs to him so now this one is all mine.  That still doesn't count all the chocolate I told him I better get on Valentine's Day. lol.
For the actual Valentine's Day I'm sure it will be full of chocolate and this weekend we are also taking the kids to see the Lego Movie.  We are really looking forward to it. 

All in all the hubby and I had a nice early Valentine's weekend and I'm sure this weekend will be just as wonderful.
I hope the rest of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day as well!
Thanks for reading!
Jinni James

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