Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Howling Good Time!

A new month! Wow, where has the year gone. It's been so busy in my house over the last two months. I had three new books release, so if you haven't been over to my website lately, be sure to hop over.

The biggest change for me of course has been staying home...Which, I am loving by the way. My daughter is doing great in pre-k. The teacher says she has a long way to go, but that she is doing great. I couldn't be prouder of her. She's learning 5-6 new words a week and I'm so excited to see her developing a better understanding of the world around her. Just last week she finally learned how to say peanut butter. So now instead of asking for a ''sammie" (a sandwich) she is able to tell me what she wants on it :-) I hear more language in her alone-time play as well. Her teachers are a blessing from God and just the boost I needed.

On another note. We had to surrender the dog we adopted over last Thanksgiving. But, he was adopted by someone else, so he found a good home.

He and my daughter just didn't get along and he was too much dog for our laid back lifestyle. We just don't go run or walk a lot and he really needed that. It was really hard to say goodbye to Duke, but we know he found a better home with the family he's with now.

We did, however, find another dog in need and he fits our somewhat lazy lifestyle perfectly. His family was moving and unable to take him to their new house and so now we have Grover! He is a 3yr old Bassett hound and loves slow walks and laying on the couch or laying in the yard while I push the munchkin in her swing. He is so sweet with our daughter and she loves him. He is the perfect dog for us and we are so lucky to have found him.

HUGS, & Happy Reading!
Krystal Shannan

Krystal Shannan 
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