Thursday, April 24, 2014

Family, Fun, and Fish

We are getting ready to do a mini family reunion which is taking place at "The World's Largest Fish Fry" in Tennessee.   So I will keep this short & sweet.

Getting ready for a big trip is a lot of work!  Worse, my husband is a worry wart so he's been driving me bat shit crazy the last twenty four hours.   I think up until the moment we leave he's going to be like this.   Remind me again how much I've missed him as he worked six day weeks all winter....quick!

Things we can't forget to pack are obvious but my special concession is my Kindle.  My son takes his as well.   I can tell you if you have been on the fence about an ereader that it definitely beats packing half a book shelf in your suitcase.  It saves you weight and means you can travel with a ton of choices so you never run out of reading material or over pack it.   It's perfect for vacation.  

What's your one can't do without item when you take a big trip?

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