Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter Sunday

Memoirs of a Wonderful Easter 

My Grand Nieces and Nephew/Godson
left to right:  Lillian, Ivan and G'Lina
As a little girl Easter has always been special and very, very memorable.  I remember going shopping with our mom and her going through the aisles for that very special dress and attire she would like her two daughters and son to wear.  My sister and I always had to dress alike even though she was four years older.  She absolutely hated it but at eight she rarely had a say in it.  I didn’t mind because I knew that the end result will have me feeling pretty and absolutely elated. 

Easter Sunday we would wake up bright and early, take a shower, have breakfast and head out to Easter mass.  The pretty Spring colors cheered me up immensely and I couldn’t wait to show off my pretty pink dress and white shoes.  This year my mom even bought us matching purses so of course that made the day a bit more special.  We not only celebrated the return of Jesus but we celebrated us.  I remember always wanting to have a little girl of my own I could dress in pretty dresses but I was blessed with one boy.   My niece on the other hand has two girls and one boy so I at least get to live vicariously through her and enjoy watching her follow in the tradition.

When my son was three years old we had recently moved to the suburbs and our first Easter at the local church our Pastor looked onto the congregation and smiled at all the pretty little girls in their frilly dresses and bonnets and asked that they all come up to the altar.  Since my son saw them coming and didn’t quite understand he followed suit as I tried to grasp on to him and pull him back.  I missed him by seconds and he basically dashed to the front of the church.  Everyone thought it was cute as did the Father cause he put his hand up and said, “It’s okay he can come up too,” with a huge smile on his face as he took my son by the hand.  The innocence of children has always amazed me for now he is twelve and is already interested in girls.  Time has flown by but the memories of Easters past and those to come will still put a smile on my face.

With that said I wish you all a very Happy Easter Sunday with your families and a truly magical day.  

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