Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When life gets in the way, and the voices in my head need a time out.

We all have goals and mine is to write on my WIP every day so I can have a story complete every two months. A big goal for me with a full time day job, but I believe I can do it if I plan right. Before I go to bed, I review my calendar, and any notes I’ve written to myself, and go over everything I want to get accomplished the next day. You see, I’m a list kind of person. I make a list of things I need to do, projects I need to write, things I need to buy at the store and I even make myself a note to check my lists. Kind of OCD, don’t you think?
My intentions are great and in my head it works out perfectly.
This is my perfect day:
Get up, take a long hot bubble bath. (Yes, I really do take a bubble bath every morning, I know TMI) I would review my e-mails, while drinking my coffee, feed the animals and go to work. At work I would visit my blogs on my breaks and work on my story during lunch. When I get home, I finish my feeding, life on a farm never ends, then I get to spend the rest of the evening  in front of the computer working on my stories, and marketing my name.  Yeah, right!
Here is how my day really goes.
I wake up, turn on my computer and go feed the animals, but I first have to track down the cat that got out, find the dog food dish that was drug off sometime in the night and argue with a very spoiled ferret that insists on morning attention. I run my bath and open my e-mail to find I have over 100 new ones since the night before and my brain goes into overload. I rush through my bath and find I’m running late by now, so I skip the coffee to get to work on time. At work I never get a break and my lunch hour is spent catching up on everything I had on my lists. I finally get home and find I have a cow out in my yard and  a very hungry husband. When I’m done fetching animals, and feeding the family, it’s after nine and I finally get to sit down in front of the computer to write. After a few hours of writing, marketing, blogging and Facebook chats with my kids my day ends. I shut down the computer, look up and realize my husband placed a cup of coffee beside me and went to bed, a long time ago. Note to self, fit in time for husband tomorrow.
As you can see my lists help keep my mind organized, but does nothing for me in real life, but that won’t stop me. Someday things will slow down, I will have more books written and will be able to at least go part time at my day job. Until then I will still mark my calendar, make my lists and try to write each day.  I just won’t panic, or rip my hair out when word count for the day is zero because life got in the way.

What gets in your way from reaching your goal, or at least your daily word count?

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