Thursday, May 22, 2014

RT 2014!

Whew! I've been home from RT 2014 for not quite two days and I am far from recovered. I'm exhausted! It's a good exhaustion--one that comes from spending days with other authors and readers, talking about the things we love: books, writing, booze.  The energy at conferences always works both ways--you feel energized and excited, and at the same time, you are being drained by all the events, chats, and parties.

The con hotel was a Marriott, meaning mileage may vary. lol. For me, it was the BEST Marriott I've stayed in, service-wise. Every single staff member I interacted with was kind, attentive, and happy. I can't begin to tell you how much that impacted my stay. Here's the view from my room:
The party I enjoyed most was the Mardi Gras party at Mardi Gras World. The event was sponsored by several publishers, including Ellora's Cave. We got our own float and we tossed beads as attendees came in. So much fun! Here's a photo (me in the black and white stripes):
The pub crawl was fun, too. We had a list of ten pubs (each sponsored by a publisher or author group) and each one handed out beads. You needed to collect 7/10 of the beads and return to pick up your prize (a super-cool RT shot glass).
And of course the food was amazing! I really enjoyed NOLA!
Conferences can be a lot of fun--especially for readers. If you haven't been to one, check out your local area--there's likely a small conference nearby. Other reader-friendly cons are: Authors After Dark (in Charlotte NC this year), Romanticon, and GayRomLit.  I will be at all three this year!

thanks for reading my post-RT post!

Kerry Adrienne

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