Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Way A Princess - I mean Me - Camps

I hate camping.  I really, really do.  Of course, I am not an outdoor adventurer.   I don't think it looks fun to risk your life rappelling off a cliff, sliding off a water slide that's sitting on a 50 foot canyon drop, or hiking hours to get to the top of a mountain.  Those things are not my idea of fun.   I don't even like to run around the block.  Some of it is my body.    Some of it is my attitude.    I was that kid that overheats on a 70 degree day then due to her heart murmur huffs and puffs to make the full mile for gym class, screw getting the right time on the mile.   That teacher is lucky I finished a mile.   Even if I spent 1/2 of it speed walking like a turtle.

Anyway, camping is not my sport.   I pretend to like it.   I attempt to like it.  I get all excited about it.  I make a Pinterest board and find all sorts of fun looking foods to make while camping.   My mouth waters thinking about burnt marshmallows.   I don't have the patience to roast and why spend ten minutes on something that tastes great in sixty seconds when you blow it out?  Maybe that's the little pyromaniac in me....

Then my mother in law let us borrow their RV last summer for a weekend.   Camping is no longer the same. Now I have a nice bed to sleep in.   I can enjoy mostly bug free sleeping.   If it gets a little hot flip on the air conditioner and curl up on the bed with a book in the afternoon.    Then there's the perk of having a bathroom that doesn't consist of using leaves or stepping across all the night bugs that worked their way into the outdoor toilets.   Now, I can almost love camping.  Let's leave it at I really enjoy camping now.  

So earlier this month when my brother and his family came to visit I was thrilled when she offered to let us borrow the RV again.  I had planned to take them to a place called Lava Hot Springs.  Lava Hot Springs is in Idaho and it has a natural mineral water hot spring.   The hotels in the area all tout the healing properties of the water.  It was very relaxing and I loved getting to spend some quality time with my family.    We even went mostly technology free for a few days to just enjoy each other.  

The first photo I am going to share is where our campsite was located.   This river runs throughout the campground and you can rent inner tubes to float the river.   My son was disappointed we ran out of time and he didn't get to do that this trip.

I didn't get any photo's of the actual hot springs this trip.   I was too busy taking adorable photo's of my niece.   We did a little selfie session where I got her to sticking out her tongue.   For the rest of the week she wanted to do selfies with everyone and stick her tongue out the entire time.   Oh the joys of corrupting the young.

I can't wait to see what exciting adventures the rest of our summer brings!

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