Friday, July 11, 2014

Fireworks, Ducks, and Sharks. Oh my!

It was a fun filled July 4th weekend for all of us, that is for sure. We had a blast Friday night. Husband and I were off and spent most of the day shopping for food for our cook out then cleaning the house. We had neighbors over to eat and hang out then did fireworks in our driveway. I don't mean little fireworks either, I mean the huge ones. Husband spared no expense on this Independence Day. 
Good food, great friends, and awesome fireworks. It was a blast. 

Saturday the husband decided to go car shopping with a friend so my girls and I decided to go shopping, have some lunch, and walk around downtown. I absolutely love where I live especially in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. It is beautiful here. We took a walk around downtown and saw all the fish, ducks, and baby ducks which just made the girls day. :)

Downtown Huntsville, Al. 

My precious girls

Ducks and fish.

Mom and her littles

Finally Sunday we figured we would take all the girls up to Chattanooga Aquarium. Why not right? It took us about an hour and a half to get there and it was a beautiful day for it. We got there right when they opened and it took us about two hours to walk through both buildings. After the aquarium we ate at Mellow Mushroom (fantastic pizza) and drove back home. We got home around 2pm and by 3pm husband and I were taking a nap. lol. 

 Tennessee Aquarium


We caught children! 

Maddy in front of one of the many aquariums.

It was such a fun filled but busy weekend. We were all exhausted by the end of Sunday. My husband and I really have no clue how to just sit around the house but that's a good thing. I'd much rather be out and about doing things and showing our girls a good time. 

I hope everyone had a great July 4th!! 

I'd like to quickly mention the anthology I have coming out next Tuesday. Three authors and myself put together an anthology called Confessions of a Sex Addict. I actually posted a FB status just to be funny really asking if I gave a book that title if anyone would download it. Next thing I know my friend Hunter S. Jones wrote me and said "That would be a great idea for an anthology!" And poof! Confessions was born. These are four steamy stories that are more than just sex. It was a great idea and blossomed into a great anthology I believe everyone will love.


Secrets revealed.
One hot summer, four sultry stories.
An erotic anthology with a twist, set in contemporary New Orleans.

Meet Andi, the bartender from Nashville who won't be faithful.
Drew, the seducer or the victim?
The anonymous one, the one who watches.
Jennifer the cougar, she's a good girl, really.
The moderator, friend or predator?

Love. Magic. Guilty Pleasures.
What's your secret?


Thanks for reading along and for your continued support! 

Much love!

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