Monday, August 18, 2014

Nobody Wants To, But Let's Talk About It...

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Let’s talk about aging – no flowery intro, no smooth segue. In a society obsessed with youth, we really need to discuss aging more (since most of us spend much more of our time on this earth aging than being young [not disregarding the importance of nurturing a young heart]). I had a birthday this month, and with it came sentimental (I’m seldom sentimental) memories of the last 20 - 25 years. No, not EVERY one of the last 20 - 25 years, but special moments related to my awareness of age, appearance, life decisions, and wisdom (or the lack thereof. LOL). So, here’s my list of things we should all do to help ourselves along this unavoidable progression of living.
1.     Set goals in your 20’s, do your research, and take the best action to achieve those goals. Oh, and please, please get some kind of education (college, trade, military, online courses, etc.). Education opens door and gives us options we can’t even imagine without it.
2.     Start an exercise regimen including aerobic activity you enjoy.
3.     Add weight training (it’s even better with a lover or close friend)
4.     Develop healthy eating habits (click here for a foolproof way to find what works best for you.)
5.     Develop and maintain healthy friendships and family relationships with wise, progressive people (more on this later)
6.     Take stock of your goals, decide which ones are still important to you, and decide what’s next. Again, do your research before taking action.
7.     Maintain your exercise regimen and guard your time like a mother bear
8.     Reevaluate your eating habits. Simply put, sometimes our dietary needs change as we age, so repeat the prescription process from your 20’s. (More…)


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