Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Inside a Writer's Mind

Inside a Writer’s Mind
So obviously I can’t tell you about every writer; In fact, I can only tell you about some of the odd things that go on in my mind. One thing I think most of us have in common, though, is the voices. I call them the voices because the individual voices of our characters actually speak to us. In addition to that, I’ve noticed three more things quite a few writers have in common: stalking  voyeurism watching, imagination, reading, and the desire/need to entertain.

Personally, I can watch people for hours! Even as a child, whenever I couldn't hang out with my Dad, I'd have to go shopping with my Mom and sister in the mall. Instead of sticking with them to look at clothes, shoes, even games, I’d ask to sit on the bench in the middle of the mall and watch as people passed. “Why?” you ask. Well, there’s no better way to gather writing material than people-watching. I could make up stories for days based on what I saw during those shopping/people-watching excursions.

The voices and imagination go hand-in-hand. Each character becomes a three-dimensional being in my mind, so the talk, and talk, and talk. In fact, they talk all the time, and only quiet down when their stories are told and in print. As far as they’re concerned, publication isn’t necessary, but they expect me to at least give them a file on my tablet so someone else besides me gets a chance to hear their voices by reading.

As for reading, I can’t reiterate enough how important reading and the love of reading are to a writer. I’m appalled and floored when someone tells me they want to be a writer/author, yet I’ve never seen them pick up a book or express interest in anyone else’s work! I simply can not understand this. The “why?” of it eludes me.

Like any other art or craft, we write because we must – writing is a living, breathing part of us. No illusions here about riches or fame (it would be nice to make a decent living at it, though, now that I think about it). I write because I have no choice. The alternative would mean the death of a part of me. Dramatic, but true. This is one reason we sometimes become nearly frantic about getting our books into the right hands – it’s actually a matter of life or death (or that part of us, anyway).

Finally, I come to the altruistic part of us – the need to share our worlds with readers. I love to read so much, I want to share that with others. A good read takes me away, an escape. In my opinion, everyone needs that. Life can hit pretty hard at times, to say the least.

My characters live with me. I want them to live with you, too, giving you every opportunity to step into their worlds for a few moments or a few days – like taking a vacation. Even though their worlds can be extremely dangerous and wrought with problems too, there’s always the HEA, and my heroes are always protectors – you’ll be safe with them.

As you can imagine, keeping all these things in balance can be mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing. I am constantly trying to stay afloat and manage yet another “to-do” list, so there’s never time to lollygag. In other words, if you see me sitting in the middle of the mall watching people as they pass, or lying in bed reading a book, I am not wasting time – I’m doing research. It’s what I do.

Wishing you happy reading and writing... 

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