Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How do YOU read?

How do YOU read?

I must admit, in the last few years I have become a total technology junkie.
Well, sorta. I’m not a gamer or anything, but I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t glued to a cell phone (hanging my head here…just a little).

My cell (I have an iPhone) is rarely far from me. I can say the same for my laptop and my tablet—I honestly hardly ever leave the house without all three items. (I have to carry a big heavy bag, too.)

But, I have become dependent on these items (especially the cell phone).

This isn’t wholly bad.

I love to read. Always have. Since I learned how, I suppose. 

In the last few years, I mostly read e-books. It started when I got a Nook for my birthday a few years ago. I loved it right off the bat. I loved buying books without having to leave the house. I loved being able to finish a book if I was out and about (or stuck in the purgatory of my doctor’s office) and not having to wait to go home to get the next book. Having the choice to quit one book and start another. But my favorite thing is that I can have all my embarrassingly high amount of To-Be-Reads in one place and not take up the physical space in my bag, or in my house for that matter.
Then I won a Kindle.
Then I bought a tablet. You’d think that’s too much, but it’s not.

Now, I have all my books on BOTH my devices in ONE place. And the screen is bigger, so I tend to do most of my reading on the tablet these days. (I also downloaded the KOBO app, I am so bad…still working on my collection there).

I have friends who read ONLY real books. They say they have to have it in their hands. They like the scent of the paper, and it feels more real. I do get that. I love to walk into a library or bookstore. I love the smell of the books.

I also have friends who read ONLY ebooks. 

I still do both, but I prefer ebooks. I am a super busy person (I work 60 hours a week plus write) so convenience is key for me, and it’s so darn easy to shop from the device.
It doesn’t help the my impulse-buyer tendencies, but who can have it all? Hehehe.
But the most important fact is READING in and of itself. The how (the media in this case) doesn’t really matter, as long as the books get read, characters and awesome writers continued to be discovered.

How do YOU read? What media is your fave and which would you never check out even a fave book with?

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