Sunday, January 11, 2015

A New Year and New Resolutions

It's offically 2015!! We celebrated the same as we do every year. We all stayed home, hanging around in our pj's, drank white grape juice from our colored plastic champane flutes, watched the Dick Clark Rockin Eve from our warm living room, prayed for those poor frozen people's sanity, and watched the ball drop together. I know it sounds pretty boring but it's how I prefer to ring in the new year, surrounded by those I love. 

I hope the year has kicked off with a bang for all of you! It's been pretty great for me. My new release, Scarlet Beginnings came out on the 6th of January and is already doing fantastic! I want to thank any of you who have already downloaded it! If you haven't downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for? Hehe. 

I rarely do new years resolutions but this year I decided to give it a try. Why not, right? So here is my list of the things I want to do or accomplish in 2015. Please feel free to share yours as well. 

1. Write more
2. Join the gym (at the end of the month)
3. Take more pictures of my kids
4. Help my little one start a scrap book to channel some of her creativity
5. Get boudoir photos done (once I've toned my tummy)
6. Focus more on my marriage

These seemed like "doable" resolutions so I'm determined to fulfill them. :)

I hope you all can fulfill your new years resolutions as well for those of you who made them. May 2015 bring you all happiness, success, love, and luck. 

Love to you all!

We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. - Joseph Campbell 

Scarlet Lemay always thought her wedding day would be the happiest day of her life. However, that was before she found herself at the end of the aisle looking toward her future and unable to take that final step forward. Second thoughts cause Scarlet to run, seeking a new beginning. Unfortunately, her ex-fiancĂ©’ may just have other plans.

A chance encounter with a stunning stranger causes Scarlet to question herself. The charming real estate agent, Ethan Williams begins to taunt her thoughts and dreams. Scarlet knows it’s too soon to start dating again but something about this man keeps calling her to him.

With the encouragement of friends, Scarlet begins to build a new life, yet her past keeps coming back. Will she be able to let Ethan in or will her fear cause her to lose out on a chance at finding her true soul mate?

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