Friday, March 13, 2015

I DO believe in angels! I DO!

Just like people, angels ome in all different shapes, sizes, persuasions. I happen to believe in all kinds. I didn't always, though. For many years, oddly enough, when I was very young, I thought they were merely creations of fiction, just more religious mumbo-jumbo to make us good fearing followers of whatever religious group we belonged. It wasn't until my father was ill and dying that I started to believe.
As my father's health deteriorated I listened carefully to his words, his thoughts, demented as they may have been. He'd found comfort in seeing Moses from time to time in a picture, faces in the patterns on the wall, and in his imminent passing.
My abject fear of anything related to ghosts and paranormal phenomena completely disintegrated over those few short weeks of letting go for him. I became absorbed and intrigued by the thought of being able to contact spirits from beyond or to be impacted by them. When my father did pass away, he came to me many, many times over the ensuing years. Sometimes in dreams, but mostly. I heard his name over and over again heralding an event in my life like a warning flag. I've come to rely on those so I'm not blindsided by anything.
I also started believing in angels. I consider him one of them. In fact, I've had a reading and found out I have many angels around me, as well as spirits of relatives creating a cloak of caring, if you will. Would I call these supernatural entities guardian angels? Not necessarily. I have been in a couple of situations that I prayed like the dickens for safety, and I've gotten it. Most of the time, though, I believe they are here to offer comfort and guidance.
This is probably the reason why my Brethren series exists at all. No, they're not guardian angels, but they are manifested here on earth to protect us, fight for us, and save us from evil's insidious hold on this planet. I get so frustrated when evil seems to be getting the upper hand around the world. Take a look at IS right now. How much more evil can you get? I write my series to offer an alternative to evil winning all the time. Oh, it gets pretty dark in my books, pretty dire, and evil usually feels pretty confident that this time, I'll let it win. But NO! Not a chance! I write ROMANCE because I want a happy ending. So, THE GOOD always wins at the end of my stories. Now, to make it come true in real life.

Check out my Brethren Series, four books in all, with the latest, ANGEL RISING, being the climax of the entire series arc. There will be more Brethren novels, but Angel Rising takes little, 6-year-old Hannah Livingston, from Trinity, and grows her up. It is a story NOT to be missed.

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