Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

As a child, I remember when others would ask how old I was, I'd tell them, "Almost..." Always looking forward. Always wishing to be older than I was. I don't recall when that answer changed, but it did. I don't say, "Almost..." anymore. I joke instead and say I'm redefining age. In truth, I believe women today really are redefining our age. We're not just larger numbers as each birthday arrives.

We are the sum total of our past experiences and the potential for experiencing so much more.

So what have I experienced? Over my 48 years I've loved and lost, laughed and cried, succeeded and failed, dreamed and lived. 

What do I plan to experience in the days to come? I look forward to watching my children grow, learn, find happiness and first loves, and succeed in their pursuits. I plan on watching my husband get his masters degree. For me, I plan on continuing to write stories, long and short, that matter to my romantic heart. I can't see me doing anything else.

Here is my entire collection of full-length novels, novellas, and short stories available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and Smashwords. Just so you know, TRINITY, NATHANAEL'S HUNT, and THE BOOK WAITRESS (BK1) are all FREE.

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